Regional planning

Project: Growing Cities

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This project was a comparison of long-term planning policies with measurements of urban development patterns in the Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto metropolitan areas. It showed that each city pursued a different approach to planning urban growth, and that these different approaches have shaped and channelled that growth in distinctive ways.

Commissioned by the Neptis Foundation, this project was produced in collaboration with Marcy Burchfield, Byron Moldofsky, and Jo Ashley.

Project: Shaping the Toronto Region

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This report examines 16 districts in the Greater Toronto Area to assess how density is related to era of development, standards for parks and schools, housing type mix, street configuration, employment, and travel behaviour.  We also analyzed 24 hypothetical scenarios to estimate the effects on density of planning policy changes. The findings have implications for urban growth policy.

Prepared with John van Nostrand, PlanningAlliance Inc., for the Neptis Foundation.

The report won an Excellence in Planning Award from the Canadian Institute of Planners in 2009.

Project: Simcoe County – The New Growth Frontier

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In this project we investigated plans for several very large-scale developments in the county to the north of the Greater Toronto Area found that developers, rather than municipal authorities, were driving the county’s growth pattern and infrastructure investments.

The report anticipated subsequent provincial actions to protect the Lake Simcoe watershed and ensure orderly development.

Commissioned by the Neptis Foundation and prepared with Leah Birnbaum and Lorenzo Nicolet.