WHAT IS METAPOLIS?  Combining the Greek words meta and polis conveys the idea of work in, on, and about the City. Metapolis Consulting is dedicated to high-quality urban research of all kinds, from land use planning to municipal affairs, from the economic to the political, and from the social to the environmental. Metapolis works by bringing together people from different backgrounds and with different skills to understand and evaluate complex problems.

Dr. Zack Taylor is a professor of Political Science and Public Administration at Western University and an award-winning independent urban issues and planning consultant. Over the past decade he has worked on a range of projects for non-profit foundations, governments, and business and community organizations. Past clients include the Neptis Foundation, the Toronto Region Board of Trade, the Mayor of Toronto’s Independent Fiscal Review Panel, the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, and the Intergovernmental Committee on Economic and Labour Force Development. He is a non-practicing Registered Professional Planner and a Full Member of the Canadian Institute of Planners.